Sunday, 21 October 2012

Muslim Youth Center: Statement on Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali

For Immediate Release: Statement on Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali
In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Korogwe, (20/10/2012) – MYC over the past weeks has received numerous enquiries from brothers and sisters on the current circumstances of our Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali (May Allah continue to preserve him for the Mujahideen in East Africa) in Somalia.  Our response had been that we were unable to confirm or deny any of the reports circulating about the Amir. We further informed brothers and sisters that they should be wary of these reports, which are obvious tricks of the Kuffar intended to weaken our commitment to Jihad.
Some brothers and sister went to the extent of claiming that the Amir had received his Shahada during the Mujahideen’s retreat from Kismayo while some claimed they know about the Amir being captured by KDF and detained in Dobley. These reports are propaganda by the Kuffar. Yesterday, our beloved brothers in Al-Shabaab released Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali’s video message ( to Muslims in East Africa. The Amir’s video message was clear: the Mujahideen (or “ragtag army” as the Kuffar calls the Mujahideen) will fight on.
Also for those brothers and sisters that have questioned and discounted reports of ‘that sister’, the Amir’s video message again is further evidence of her place among the Mujahideen in Somalia. She has chosen to do Allah’s work and we ask Allah to keep her firm while providing her a safe passage to her final destination.
We ask that brothers and sisters continue to show patience, as victory is approaching.

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