Sunday, 30 December 2012

Muslim Youth Center Statement: "Inciting and Inspiring Jihad: MYC in 2012"

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Korogwe (26/12/2012) – As we move closer to the end of an exciting year, MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia takes this opportunity to remind the Ummah in East Africa and in particular, the Mujahideen in Kenya of our great triumphs over the Kuffar in 2012.  
Our 2012 crusade against the Kuffar, began when the caravan of Jihad set its course for Kenya after our beloved Amir Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali (May Allah continue to preserve him for the Mujahideen in East Africa), declared in his eminent lecture (“ But If They Seek Your Help In Religion, It’s Your Duty To Help Them”), that the Kuffar state of Kenya had become a legal war zone as part of the Muslim duty to wage defensive Jihad. And in true MYC response - praise be to Allah, many of our lions and cubs heeded our Amir’s message of defending Islam. 
Today, eleven months on, hard-hitting lethal messages are being sent to the Kuffar on a near weekly basis, serving as a reminder of the torment being visited upon them due to their policy of humiliating Muslims from Somalia to Kenya on a daily occurrence.
Time and time again, MYC lions and cubs have confronted the Kuffar humiliation both steadfastly and courageously on the battlefield in Kenya, and where ordained by Allah, even sacrificed their young lives in defense of our precious religion. Our preparedness to receive Shahada, without fear or hesitation is a testament of our love for Islam and our commitment in keeping its light glowing in East Africa.
The many martyrs that MYC has produced on the battlefield such as Sheikh Aboud Rogo; Sheikh Samir Khan, Mohamed Kassim; “the Likoni Mujahideen”; Amir Musa Osodo; “Duda Black” and “Duda Brown” have inspired more lions and cubs throughout East Africa in readiness to lay down their lives for the sake of Allah.  We ask Allah to grant our martyrs the highest place in Jannah.
Looking forward and preparing for another year of defensive Jihad, Insha’Allah, we must be ready for the usual UN double-standard attack and lies against Muslims in the form of its fictional reports; the propaganda Kenya media labeling Muslims as terrorists while defending KDF war crimes as acts of “peacekeeping”; and sadly, a new Kuffar government that will continue humiliating Muslims in 2013. 
Insha’Allah, with the support of our Mujahideen brothers in Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, and now Mali, our crusade as part of AQEA will continue to incite more lions and offer further inspiration to the cubs that have defined MYC’s “boom” year in 2012.
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