Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nasheed by al-Shabaab Sheikh Xassan Al-Waajidi

The Labeik Media Foundation, a jihadist media outlet associated with the Somali al-Qimmah Forum has released a nasheed video featuring Sheikh Xassan Al-Waajidi entitled "The Banner of Monotheism" (Arabic "راية التوحيد" and Somali "Raayada Towxiidka").

The video of this nasheed can be watched here
Nasheeds such as this play an important role for al-Shabaab, and indeed for jihadists internationally, as the serve as both inspiration to its members and supporters as well as a form of propaganda to win over others.

For a very brief examination of the history role and importance of nasheeds we would reccomend that you read the post A Brief Look at the History and Power of Anasheed in Jihadist Culture. This article by Behnam Said was written as a guest post at the website Jihadology.

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