Sunday, 29 July 2012

"Under the Shade of Shari'ah" - Arabic Version


The al-Kataib Media Foundation has released a new Arabic language version of its propaganda video entitled "Under the Shade of Shari'ah" (تَحت ظِلال الشَّرِيعة ) following the release of the English language edition several weeks ago. The decision to release this video in Arabic follows a long-standing practice of the organisation to provide its videos and documents in Arabic for reasons that it is the language of Islam and for the benefit of the groups supporters in Arab countries and among Muslims internationally.

This high-quality video represents an insight into how al-Shabaab views itself and wishes to be seen within the Islamic world. The video repeats the argument of al-Shabaab that the answer to Somalia's problems is the implementation of shari'ah law under its rule. The video also purports to show elements of daily life under the rule of al-Shabaab, support for the group by clan leaders, as well as aspects of the groups military campaign to take control of territory in Somalia.

While al-Shabaab remains under considerable military pressure from the forces of the Transitional Federal Government, AMISOM, Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama'a (ASWJ), Ethiopia, the Raskamboni Movement and others, propaganda videos such as this continue to play an important role in the effort to retain support overseas and among the Somali diaspora.

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