Thursday, 13 September 2012

Al-Shabaab Propaganda Operations in Halgan and Moqokori Districts, Hiiraan Region

Even as al-Shabaab continues to experience heavy strain on its military and financial resources under the pressure of AMISOM, Somali Government and pro-government forces (Raskbamboni, ASWJ) these recent pictures from Halgan and Moqokori districts of Hiiraan region demonstrate that the group continues to seek to influence the 'hearts and minds' of the Somali people. In these instances it was the pro-Shabaab Sheekh Yuusuf Cali Ugaas who provided the message.

While al-Shabaab may struggle to maintain firm and uncontested control over many areas of Somalia previously under its control the group nevertheless maintains a resilient network of members and supporters in areas even under the control of AMISOM and Somali government forces. Propaganda events such as these, whether in areas under the recognised control of al-Shabaab or not, will serve as an important tool for the Islamist group to maintain its influence influence even as it might struggle against opponents enjoying advantages in firepower, manpower and financial resources.

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