Sunday, 2 September 2012

Statement from The Muslim Youth Centre (03/09/2012)

The Muslim Youth Centre, a Kenyan Islamist group with extensive ties to al-Shabaab, has released a new statement foreshadowing a new statement from its leader Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali.  For background reading on Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali we would suggest the following reports from Somalia Report and the Long War Journal.

Update (06-09-2012)
An audio message from Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali has been released titled "The Humiliation of Muslims in Kenya - Part II". A recording of this message can be found here.

Tanga (03/09/2012) – Following the persistent assault on Islam in Kenya and the recent unleashing of human drones on our Muslim leaders in Kenya, MYC expects its Amir, Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali (May Allah preserve him for the Mujahideen in Kenya) to address Muslims in Kenya within the coming days.
MYC expects the Amir to offer profound guidelines on how to respond to the ongoing humiliation of Muslims in Kenya. We therefore urge the Mujahideen and Muslims in general to stand ready and prepared to receive this important message at this critical time in our struggle against the unbelievers.
Once the message has been released, MYC will ensure that this key message by the Amir reaches every Mujahideen and Muslim throughout Kenya and East Africa.
May Allah continue to make the path of the Mujahideen firm as we embark on a new journey in East Africa.
Press Office
Photo of Sheikh Ahmad Iman Ali that accompanied this message

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