Thursday, 24 January 2013

al-Kataib Media Foundation presents:"The ULTIMATUM – A message from the Kenyan PoWs".

On 23 January 2013 the al-Kataib Media Foundation released a new video entitled:  "The ULTIMATUM – A message from the Kenyan PoWs". This video runs for a length of 3 minutes and 35 seconds. The following are the demands issued by al-Shabaab in regards to these prisoners:

HSM demands [1] : Kenyan Govt must release all Muslim prisoners held on so-called terrorism charges in Kenya 

HSM demands [2] : Kenyan Govt must secure the release of Muslims extradited to Uganda for terrorism charges 

HSM demands [3] : The release of the Muslim prisoners is unconditional and must be made public 

Kenyan government has 3 weeks, starting midnight 24/01/2013 to respond to the demands of HSM if the prisoners are to remain alive 

Following the expiration of this period, all the Kuffar Kenyan prisoners who appeared in the recent video will be executed. 

The ultimatum expires on 14/02/2013.............The clock is ticking

If for any reason this audio file is no longer available please email us and we will arrange for it them be made available again

Stills from the Video

Video -
Demands and Pictures -

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