Friday, 1 February 2013

Statement from the Muslim Youth Center: “On the Suspension of HSM Press Office Twitter Account”

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

Malindi (27/01/2013) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia condemns the blatant attempt by the Kuffar to censor our beloved brothers in Al-Shabaab from disseminating the truth to the Ummah in East Africa. The recent suspension of Al-Shabaab’s Twitter account is nothing more than an erroneous attempt spurred on by U.S. counter-terrorism strategies aimed at disrupting and dismantling global Jihad.

The fact remains the near daily Twitter messages from Al-Shabaab were considered timely and relevant by the Ummah. More so, Al-Shabaab’s messages via Twitter offered unadulterated clarity on the situation and status of the Mujahideen’s campaigns to liberate Somalia from the siege of the Kuffar and apostate.

It is ironic when the Kuffar claims that a basic tenet of its “democracy” is freedom of information and expression that it cringes up when our brothers in Al-Shabaab expose their lies and fabrications through Twitter. Suspension or not, we urge our brothers in Al-Shabaab to soldier on with their sword of truth in unmasking the Kuffar’s plots to silence Muslims both in Somalia and globally.

While we are confident that our brothers in Al-Shabaab will continue to find alternative mediums and forums to spread the message of the Mujahideen, MYC stands prepared to act as one such medium for the dissemination of the Mujahideen’s message to the Ummah. No task is more worthy than spreading the message of Jihad to the Ummah.

We ask Allah to continue strengthening the Mujahideen in Somalia.

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